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About Us

WIDERAUDIO produces music samples libraries for composers, sound designers, electronic music producers. Our mission is not to create giant libraries, full of samples, but to provide targeted, specific products that can complement those of your musical productions, to use with your other sounds/libraries giving and extra dimension to the mood of your tracks.
We focus on experimental cinematic sounds that can provide a new space of imagination for your productions.
We work tirelessly to expand our diverse range of deep-sampled instruments and sound effects with an innovative approach.
Our dream is to create inspiration to give space to that which you create musically, as a musicians we create Brave sounds for musicians.

WIDERAUDIO was created by Piernicola Di Muro. He has been working as an arranger and composer since he was just 20 years old, creating his long standing relationship with computer-aided music production.

Over the years Piernicola has broadened his horizons through different music genres, ranging from electronic to orchestral, and film scoring.Based at his Wider Studio Music music production studio, Piernicola is currently also focused on sample library creation, while continuing to work with major motion picture productions as film composer and music producer.

Following his passion for electronic music he’s involved in his music project as Bewider.


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